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Emergency service

For emergencies on weekends or during holidays you can contact the emergency service. This service may only be used in case of an emergency, for example severe, unmanageable discomfort or pain. This does not include loose brackets, broken (arch)wires, or loose retainers. The emergency service can be reached from 9.00 to 20.00. Should you have loose brackets or wires that are irritating or painful, we suggest you cover it with orthodontic wax. Please be aware that the orthodontist on duty can only resolve the immediate problem. For further repairs, you will be referred back to your regular orthodontist.


Emergency service before or after office hours:

Outside our opening hours you can contact the Mondzorgpoli. The Mondzorgpoli has branches in Utrecht, Almere and Amsterdam, where you can go if needed. They will initially talk to you by telephone, if necessary they will contact the practice for consultation. It is also possible that they will give you an appointment at the outpatient clinic for treatment. If you, your son or your daughter need to be treated at the Mondzorgpoli you will receive a bill for this treatment. You can submit this bill to your health insurance policy. Depending on the policy that you have taken out with your health insurer, this bill will be reimbursed, not reimbursed or reimbursed in part.


Telephonenumber Mondzorgpoli

088 263 27 00



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